To support our team in better understanding each other, expressing ourselves clearly, and being more attuned to everyone’s thoughts and feelings, we invite you to answer the following questions with honesty and openness. Your input is truly valued and appreciated.
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Do you want prayer incorporated in MCHN events?
Would you be willing to pray during an event such as activity day?
Should students be asked to lead prayer?
Do you agree we should say the pledge of allegiance to the American flag during AD?
Do you agree we should say the pledge of allegiance to the Christian flag during AD?
Would you want to say a pledge to the Bible during AD?
If an evening event is planned, what is your preferred day(s) of the week? (Select all that apply)
Would you be interested in periodic weekend events/activities for families?
Rate the Mom's nights.
Rate Exploring God's Creation
In your opinion was your involvement with MCHN worth your time/monetary cost?
What is your preferred method of communication?
Has using the GroupMe app worked well for you?
Rate the Family Potlucks/Holiday get togethers?
Rate Activity Day Themes
Themes: - Habitat and wildlife - Rocks - Ancient Greece - Food Preservation - Music - CPR (Emergencies) - Forging and bird houses - Books
Rate Field Trips
Field Trips This Year: - Jackson Lake - Pope Farms - Denver Museum of Nature and Science - Morgan County Flood Evidence - Drums of the World - High Plains Gymnastics - Denver Symphony - Slammin Fammine - Colorado Creations Taxidermy - Inspirations Quilt Shop - Library Tea
How much Bible teaching would you like incorporated into each activity day as it pertains to the theme presented?
How much Bible time would you like incorporated into family events?
How much Bible study and discipleship would you like incorporated into Mom's nights?
Are you planning to participate in MCHN again next year?