The History of Morgan County Home School

A Short History

More than 30 years ago, before there were state statutes allowing for legal homeschool-ing in Colorado, parents in Morgan county had to present to and be approved by the school district to homeschool. Several Christian families, including Marcia and Kieth Washburn, began to meet for supporting each other in their home education efforts. The group setting helped meet the educational, physical, and social needs of families who had few opportunities outside their homes.

In the 1990s as HSLDA pushed for legal homeschooling in all 50 states, more families joined to strengthen MCHN into the vibrant group it is today. Both a support group and a co-op, we rely on parents to volunteer their time to lead and serve. Dues have always been nominal to afford membership for all interested families.

MCHN continues to be led by committed Christian parents, has a statement of faith to be signed by leaders agreeing to Christian worldview teaching, and relies on the guidance of for Christ-centered resources and opportunities.

MCHN leadership has always been and continues to be committed to encouraging newbie and veteran parents to enjoy home-based education with their children that is Christ-centered, parent-directed, and free-from-government control.