Leadership Team Survey
To help our team clarify our own thoughts, communicate more clearly with each other, and be more aware of what each of us thinks and feels. please answer the following questions as honestly as you can. Thank you! 😊
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MCHN should continue to be a Christian-based group.
MCHN should continue with the leadership team concept.
Leadership Team members should be receiving spiritual food, guidance, and fellowship from a church somewhat regularly.
Leadership Team members should not hold multiple roles on the team for an extended period of time.
A Leadership Team member should be able to hold as many roles on the leadership team as he/she wants and is comfortable with.
MCHN should dissolve the Leadership Team.
MCHN should continue having a support group leader.
MCHN should hold parent meetings to plan and make all decisions regarding the homeschool group.
MCHN, as a group, is over-complicated.
MCHN should change and begin to function as an umbrella organization, providing only resources and support to multiple homeschool groups in Morgan County that would exist below MCHN.
MCHN should have a website.
The current MCHN should offer Exploring God’s Creation meet-ups.
MCHN should offer extra classes.
MCHN should offer free group field trips.
MCHN should offer group field trips that require an additional cost.
MCHN should offer 1 AD per month.
MCHN should stop with ADs and switch to offering only classes, perhaps each lasting 6-8 weeks long.
MCHN should offer moms’ night.
MCHN should offer the current 3 membership options.
MCHN should offer 1 membership option.
MCHN should offer scholarships to families.
MCHN should offer limited scholarships per academic year.
If offered, scholarship monies should cover the full membership dues.
If offered, scholarship monies should cover partial membership dues.
If scholarships are offered, they should only be funded by what $$ is in the MCHN account.
If the MCHN account does not have funds, then scholarships would be denied. The group should not try to obtain any extra funds.
If scholarships are offered, they should be funded by account funds and/or extra funds.
MCHN should bring in speakers and presenters for the parents.
To pay for speakers and presenters, MCHN should only use the funds in the MCHN account. If the account does not have funds, then speakers and presenters would not be invited to come.
MCHN should obtain extra funds to get local speakers and well-known speakers, such as Dawn Madsen or Eryn Lynum or others, to come speak to our group.
I desire to be part of a homeschool group.